Friendztravel ensure that you have found the best price offered.

Friendztravel value its customer time and promise them to give them best deal with the affordable price. To ensure this we use Price Match Promise. According to this if you find any price different or price lower than we offer to you with the all detail mention in our booking (same itinerary) on OTA with the 24 hours of booking then we will match the difference and will refund the difference amount. Or you may also cancel your ticket to get full refund amount.

What do ‘same itinerary’ means?

‘Same itinerary’ mean that each and every single element and detail of booking matches Including airline, flight number, date, number of people who are traveling and type of seat.

Why should bookings under PMP be ‘Offered and Available’?

You must ensure us that the itinerary you find that eats our live rate on a competitors site and available at the time of contact and should determine by our customer care representative.

Whom do we consider as a ‘competitor’?

Websites like,, and we consider them a competitors.

How can you notify us that you want to invoke PMP?

If you want to invoke PMP, you have to contact us or you can also contact us on our number. And share your Friendztravel booking reference number and also all the detail of the lower price itinerary including the name of the airline, name of flight, person name, seat number, date and seat type. For more share URL or screen short to our customer service. Customer service expert will be able to locate the lower fare from the information you provide to them. We have the right to deny the claim if the request is not verified or it unable to complete the full information. After verification when we found the claim is right you will be given the choice to retain your itinerary or get the refund of difference or cancel the booking and get a full refund.

Is it possible an exception applicable to PMP?

Membership program, corporate discount inclusive of a group, charter, rewards program, incentive, meeting, convention, or any other program offer where the fares of PMP is not applicable, also not valid for the general public.

Exclusion: military, student, government, tour operator, bulk, vacation package. This also means that fare errors are excluded.

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