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    Welcome About Us

    Travelling is one of the most important things which nowadays people want in their life. In the hectic life, every person wants a change and want to explore the world. Travelling agency plays an important role it is a confidential seller/ public service that present tourism-related service to the public without putting much effort and time.it deals on the behalf of a dealer like travelling fare, package, hotel, destination etc.

    Friendztravel is one of the trading brands of spending holiday or can be also called a holiday expert. Friendztravel is one of the trending travelling agency. It shows the great hospitality toward its customer by keeping all the requirement of the customer .while booking the customer must confirm the authority to accept all the terms and condition. the agreement made between the customers and the Friendztravel is confidential and it is governed by the laws of England.


    Every company has its terms and condition and everything go through its rules. So the customer is responsible for complying with any airline's terms, Friendztravel accepts no responsibility about checking in time, reconfirmation and cancellation of ticket. Friendztravel acknowledges no duty regarding booking dropped due to rebelliousness with the carrier's guidelines. Friendztravel has terms for scheduled flight ticket like refunds, changes of time minimum and maximum duration of stay.in the simple term if the customer wants more flexible ticket more will be expensive. So before deciding the fares and offer customer must put their eyes properly in various points.

    Information on the site

    Friendztravel is a travel agency with the motive of creating an amazing experience and sense of the country and culture they are visiting. Friendztravel always try to provide a great and exciting journey with the best price and hospitality to its customer. Friendztravel does not give a guarantee that whatever information is available in the sites regarding the price, time duration, description or date is fully updated withy free of errors or omission. So if any customer experience any error the company will use all possible way to correct any errors or omissions as soon as they have been drawn to their eyes of the company

    So whatever information Friendztravel offers is all general information just for the help and guidance for the customer only.

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